Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Videographer!

We had such a great response to our free PDF we made it into a video! Have you been struggling to ask the right questions of your Videographer? Do you think that you are under prepared when you get on the call with them? Do they even ask to get on a call? At Beabout Exposure we pride ourselves on serving couples and ensuring they have the tools necessary to find their perfect match to capture their special day. We are a husband and wife videography team and put together this quick video to help couples get on the right track when speaking to a wedding videographer. Click here to go home.

  1. How long have you been in business and how many weddings have you filmed?

  2. How would you best describe your style to a couple?

  3. Can you explain how you use lighting throughout the day?

  4. Can you explain how you use audio throughout the day?

  5. Do you edit your videos in house or do you use a third party?

  6. Have you worked with our photographer or at our venue?

  7. Do you book multiple weddings in a weekend?

  8. How many couples do you work with in a year?

  9. Can you explain your pricing structure?

  10. How do you decide what music to use in our video?